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Is swearing in front of your kids ever ok?

app-1294708908-swearing-kidI like a good swear – bloody, bollocking, fuckity fuck. There we go.

Sometimes it’s needed, sometimes it’s necessary. I’m not a huge fan of swearing for swearing sake i.e ‘i’m going to have beans on fucking toast‘. Not really needed or necessary but hey ho, each to their own.

What I’m less keen on is people swearing at, or in front of, their children.

I guess you could say it’s none of my business if people choose to swear in front of ‘their’ kids but when those 3 year old kids start telling my son to ‘fuck off‘ at pre-school it makes me a teeny tiny bit angry.

Now i’m not perfect, i’ve let the odd one slip out from time to time. Little F, or old eagle ears, as we like to call him, has heard and repeated me.

‘Bugger mummy – whats bugger?’

‘No um chugger – i said CHUGGER,  as in Chuggington, i think it might be on cbeebies soon, choo choo – YAY!’

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