The Ordinary Moments – Mini Mountaineer


I’m not quite sure where the mix up happened but i ordered a chilled out one this time around. You know, the ones that sit (sit?! whats that?), play happily on a blanket, never stray too far from their mama’s?

I got a climber though (again). I can’t turn my back for a second. He’d get on the windowsill too if i didn’t catch him in time. I blame the cat she’s a bad influence! ;)

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23 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments – Mini Mountaineer

  1. Shannon

    Ha ha. My twins are like that. One just sits and can’t even crawl yet and the other is almost walking and getting into everything. I am just enjoying it before they both get moving. :-)

  2. cariemay

    Wow! In 20 odd years time when he phones you from the top of Everest you’ll know it all started with the cat!

  3. upliftingfam

    My youngest has started climbing and it scares me. My oldest son was the worst, he would push a chair near the cabinets and climb up on them.

  4. jripatti

    Hilarious! My son never climb on anything or went on the stairs so we didn’t have gates. But I foresee a climber in missy moo. She seems to be nosy and raring to go ! Eek

  5. mummydaddyme

    Brilliant! And I ordered the same thing but I have an even more nosey, inquisitive one. So I can fully sympathise. ;)

  6. Amy

    I have a climber too. I’ve ordered a sleeper this time… I’ve been pretty good this year too so I reckon Santa should sort it out for me.


    Haha, me too, he started off quiet but now is the craziest monkey ever. We call him Houdini as he can get out of anything, car seats, strapped high chairs, he operates washing machines…help x


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