The law of the Babybel

It’s easy sometimes, to despair, when you hand a Babybel to your child and they kick off because you took the skin off first and then refuse to eat it.

The tantrums and the strops stem from the most minor or ridiculous things and the reward chart you created with the aim of aiding co-operation just blows up in your face. One measly Milky Way for all that – just one?! How very dare you.

But you see you can’t have ALL the toys you ever want, It’s not ok to exist on a diet of Cheerios, we can’t just buy and live on a boat and the whole ‘DON’T WANT MY FEET ATTACHED TO MY LEGS’ gate? Well I’m sorry but that’s just basic human anatomy.

Google pray tell me – why is my child such a dick?

A screen full of search results arrogantly chant that ‘you should try and understand things from their perspective’.


They know not the value of money, they know not the nutritional value of food stuff, they possibly even, know not the value of having feet at the end of their legs.

Hey Jo Frost that last one, really? REALLY? Surely being 3 is no excuse to have the ridiculous notion of wanting appendages removed for no medical reason?

But i see the point, i get the point. The next time i go to the fridge and retrieve a waxy red circle i will resist the urge (OF A THOUSAND GALLOPING HORSES) to pull its tab. I will hand it over to its recipient whole.

Because sometimes when you are struggling to make sense of all the gross injustices you just have to ask yourself: –

How would you feel if someone else peeled YOUR Babybel?’ #thebestbit



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67 thoughts on “The law of the Babybel

  1. Kate Towse

    We dice with death with babybel in our house. Peel them for her and she freaks, or risk her accidentally breaking it in half, and the ensuing total melt down!

  2. seychellesmama

    I remember the first time I had a babybel, my mum packed it in my lunch box…..I ate the whole thing :( went home and said I didn’t want that again it didn’t taste nice. I must have only been about 6, never lived it down haha!!
    Now I have figured out the joy of removing the wax I would certainly be pissed if someone did it for me, truly is the best bit :)
    Amazing post as always xx

  3. Kerrie McGiveron

    Why is my child such a dick?? Amazing. An actual motto-thingy to live by :) You should have known better than to peel the cheese, obvioulsy. See also, doing the straps up on the car seat, peeling a banana, fastening nappy thingies… Eldest used to say “Ellydoit” Alice now says “YILE do it!” and the youngest is yet to find the power of speech. Pretty soon I won’t have to do anything for them….Great post x

    1. hurrahforgin

      hee hee thanks Kerrie. annoying though it’s one of the only things F actually lies doing himself, hates getting dressed, going to the loo, doing his teeth etc. I think girls are usually a bit more independent like that though x

  4. mummydaddyme

    Oh Katie you do make me laugh. I wish I could write as humorously as you. It is the best bit though, I can see why strops might ensue. Fortunately we don’t have that here as Mads survives on a diet entirely made up of Thomas the Tank Engine spaghetti and chocolate. ;)

  5. TalesofaTwinMum

    Haha that’s brilliant. I’m so pleased my boys don’t throw tantrums at me opening their Babybels – they’re actually fairly laid back in this respect. Instead they create tantrums based around wanting to do opposite things when there is only one option (like what we watch on TV or which route we take home from preschool). They’re sneaky because it means I can never win, whichever option I choose I get an epic meltdown from one of them! E on the other hand is going to be a proper drama queen, and will certainly never allow me to open her Babybel! If I do something she doesn’t like she hurls herself on the floor in a tears and screams her lungs out. I’ll think back to this post when we’re going through the terrible twos next year. Thanks for making me smile this morning. x

  6. Frau Naish

    Haha! Love that! I’m also not allowed to put his shoes on which is sooo infuriating as he totally cannot do it himself. I try to do it sneakily while he watches TV or something. Only works depending on his mood. Threenageers, eh?!

  7. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Lol this is so funny! We have the exact same Babybel problems!! Although just when I learnt she always wanted me to let her open it, she decided to change her mind and flipped out because I hadn’t opened it! We also have a problem where she tries to eat the whole thing at once before gagging on it and spitting it out, it’s gross!! Bloody babybels! x

  8. dearbeautifulboy

    So so funny, and possibly more funny because I’ve been there… one hundred times over. Only in this house it’s removing the lid from the fromage frais, or putting his drink in the wrong cup, or not letting him choose his own shoes, or… well just about anything really.
    But actually if I tried to see it from his perspective, an already opened babybel is pretty devastating. ;) x

  9. PhotoPuddle

    My little boy has suddenly decided he doesn’t want me to completely peel his bananas any more. He wants to hold it in the skin like a grown up. I wish he’s bothered to let me know this though as I have been very confused lately by all the completely peeled bananas that have been thrown back at me. Kids, eh! Weird little creatures ;-)

  10. Amy

    Hahaha maybe his legs just felt claustrophobic and needed some space!

    My latest challenge is the 20 month old wunderkind who demands that HE drives the car. Actually. Drives. The. Car.
    He’s furious when we get in the car and its his turn to sit in the back AGAIN!

    1. hurrahforgin

      We get that ALL the time – he keeps asking how long it will be till he’s big enough! The other thing is he doesn’t like the colour of our cars and wants us to sell it and buy a red one.

  11. Cathy

    We had krakatoa the other day watching In The Night Garden because she wanted it to be the Ninky Nonk at the beginning and instead, along came the Pinky Ponk. Full on lying face-down on the floor beating it with her fists. It had been a long day and I’m sure at some point I offered her a peeled Babybel…..

  12. suzanne3childrenandit

    Ha ha, you’re so right! I sometimes grab a babybel out of the fridge purely for the peel-factor! Love this :)

  13. Olivia FitzGerald

    Lol!! Oh my god.. My two would go mad if I peeled their baby bel too! Or put the lid on their beaker, spooned chocolate powder into their milk.. And now they have to click open their own seat belts. They freaked out over every tiny thing. They’re calming down a bit now that they’re 4. 3 is tough!

  14. Wry Mummy

    Ha ha! I never know which way to go with Babybels either! And sometimes they’ll eat a whole packet on the way home from the shops; then I’ll buy 140 on multibuy and they are still sitting in the door of my fridge! It’s OK though cos they never go off – cos THEY’RE NOT ACTUALLY FOOD. They’re just weird waxy mummy-testing thingies. xx

  15. Tom

    Thank you for writing this – I was genuinely starting to think that my three-year-old son had something wrong with him, but it appears from this excellent post and the comments here that he’s a completely normal little lad who’s in, ahem, good company. And, yes, he can be a total dick at times too. Stay strong, my fellow toddler tamers!

  16. cariemay

    Poor deprived boys!!! Peeling it is truly the best bit – and making the wax into little sculptures afterwards – I’ll pass on the cheese itself!!


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