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Hell hath no fury like a kid who prefers someone else’s spade

It’s summer and it’s a good one. Well I say good although its starting to feel a bit bad, because it’s getting rather relentless, It’s too HOT all the time. I’m sorry. How terribly British, to get a wonderful burst of weather and complain about it.

But you see It’s like being on holiday except all the best bits have been removed –  no pool, no cocktail of the day and no kids club conga to come and take the small ones off your hands for a couple of hours.

Just lots of hot and lots of kids. And kids + hot = hot kid rage.

You try to do something nice like take them down to the beach but everywhere you look there is rage – sun cream application rage, someone else has a better bucket rage, hat rage, inflatable envy rage, sand in mouth rage, stone in Croc rage, someone holding your head under water for 20 seconds rage and flying ant landing on your arm rage (ok that one was me but!!!! get off my arm).

It always amazes me how many parents persist in negotiating with the rage, ain’t no body got no time for talking in this heat. Best to just stand well back and repeatedly hurl ice-cream until everything goes silent.

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The law of the Babybel

It’s easy sometimes, to despair, when you hand a Babybel to your child and they kick off because you took the skin off first and then refuse to eat it.

The tantrums and the strops stem from the most minor or ridiculous things and the reward chart you created with the aim of aiding co-operation just blows up in your face. One measly Milky Way for all that – just one?! How very dare you.

But you see you can’t have ALL the toys you ever want, It’s not ok to exist on a diet of Cheerios, we can’t just buy and live on a boat and the whole ‘DON’T WANT MY FEET ATTACHED TO MY LEGS’ gate? Well I’m sorry but that’s just basic human anatomy.

Google pray tell me – why is my child such a dick?

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