Hell hath no fury like a kid who prefers someone else’s spade

It’s summer and it’s a good one. Well I say good although its starting to feel a bit bad, because it’s getting rather relentless, It’s too HOT all the time. I’m sorry. How terribly British, to get a wonderful burst of weather and complain about it.

But you see It’s like being on holiday except all the best bits have been removed –  no pool, no cocktail of the day and no kids club conga to come and take the small ones off your hands for a couple of hours.

Just lots of hot and lots of kids. And kids + hot = hot kid rage.

You try to do something nice like take them down to the beach but everywhere you look there is rage – sun cream application rage, someone else has a better bucket rage, hat rage, inflatable envy rage, sand in mouth rage, stone in Croc rage, someone holding your head under water for 20 seconds rage and flying ant landing on your arm rage (ok that one was me but!!!! get off my arm).

It always amazes me how many parents persist in negotiating with the rage, ain’t no body got no time for talking in this heat. Best to just stand well back and repeatedly hurl ice-cream until everything goes silent.

But alas even then it’s only a semi permanent cure because at some point you have to go home and experience leaving rage, which is the same as staying rage expect for me it involves pushing 6.5 stones worth of kids, buggy and a bike (that the older one is now too enraged to ride) for a mile in the sweltering heat. Oh and the walk back is uphill. Sometimes I think i might die.

Luckily i usually make it home without dying by which point i don’t really care about the mood everyone is in because they can’t drown or get run over here and that’s two less things to keep tabs on.

I unload the littlest and shout to the biggest ‘TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF IN THE HALL’ before  entering the sitting room to see a pile of sand being poured from his pump onto the sofa. The littlest then swiftly pushes past, takes a handful, eats it, spits it back out and cries.

So i decide to make an executive decision and bin off tea because it’s too hot to eat and we all just need to be happy again for a minute. That means it’s ice lollies all round (and i wonder why my kids are so wired).

But who cares because It’s summer and it’s a good one. And i bloody love their rocket lolly faces.








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31 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury like a kid who prefers someone else’s spade

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    I’m rather partial to their rocket lolly faces too! I LOVE that one of the two of them cuddled up together SO cute. You are brave Katie, have you not learnt? Never go to the beach when the kiddies outnumber the adults. It’s a no no here.

  2. Olivia FitzGerald

    Ha ha! We’ve had so much rage here too.. Not wanting to go to bed because it’s still sunny outside and the kids next door are out playing.. Wanting to play in the paddling pool but not wanting to be splashed!! :0)

  3. Emma T (@ETusty)

    Yep, heat makes a little angry person here too…with lots of crying when I ignore him. Oh and lots of shouting ‘more peppa pig mummy’ from the other room. We’ve not got to the beach yet, so I guess I’ve got this to come – although at least I’ve only got one raging toddler to content with.

  4. Amy Ransom

    Are they the Tesco Goodness rocket lollies? I buy those because they are OBVIOUSLY a healthy choice right? Such colours can be natural, no? Oh I’m with you about this heat. Almost a bit bored of how predictably good the weather is. And it’s playing havoc with my hair not to mention making breastfeeding a newbie sweaty work. Oh you forgot bath rage. Where you HAVE to have a bath EVERY night because everyone is covered in suncream, sand and rocket lollies. Ugh.

    Roll on winter.

    1. hurrahforgin

      Bath rage!! Yes. Horrific.
      And you have an amazing eye for ice lollies as your guess is spot on. The pineapple bottom but does taste quite natural I think x

  5. Kerrie McGiveron

    We are having the hot rage as well. Can’t take them ANYWHERE. But right now they are eating Weetabix naked, and are chilled and happy. Love the rocket-lolly faces! Enjoy a lovely summer Katie xxx

  6. ToddlerSlave

    Dinner in summer is just too much hassle! Ice lollies is a definite winner!
    I’m always moaning when it gets too hot here “I live in England for a reason, I don’t expect to be bombarded with this sweltering heat ffs!…”
    I’ve never thought about why it is so annoying and unwelcome at home, but of course you are absolutely spot on- it’s the lack of heat related activities on offer! And cleaning out dead slugs and earwigs and algy from the paddling just don’t cut it!
    Roll on Autumn!!! Xxx

  7. cariemay

    If you could see the stash of ice lollies in my freezer you’d know you’re definitely not alone! And their rocket lolly faces are truly brilliant! Although I’ll admit the preference around here is for Whites Lemonade lollies – I could chain eat them!

  8. Angela Chapman

    Oh definitely agree! 3 year old who is just too hyper all the time, and then gets rage because she is hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, then there’s the 7 month old who is teething, and is now eating 3 meals a day, and when she is tired you can’t cuddle her because it’s too warm so you both end up drenched on sweat! So I feel your pain! From waking up to going to bed it’s seems to be one long rage! I am sleeping in the bath tonight because I know it’s cold!

  9. Not A Frumpy Mum

    I think you’re having us all on Katie, look at those angelic little faces, as if they could ever have any type of rage ;-)
    Love the cuddling photo, just too damn cute xxxx

  10. Izzie Anderton (@IzzieAnderton)

    Never had the energy for putting up with rage from my 2 in the heat and anything that made life easier was all good!
    Can’t help but agree with Not A Frumpy Mum… your kids look too angelic to cause anywhere near this amount of chaos.

  11. Jess @ Along Came Cherry

    Haha every evening at around 7pm all you can hear up our road is the screams of hot children not wanting to go to bed! The joys of a hot English summer! I’ve been trying not to moan but when it was 28 degrees I did have to voice my opinion on the fact we aren’t able to cope with it in the UK. We have carpets and no air con and like you said no swimming pools / cocktails / kid’s clubs. My children have been possessed all week, luckily it’s going to be a bit cooler for the next few days! Love the photos too x

  12. Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    What you’ve just described is exactly like our house, you could be writing about us. I love summer, but the heat gets to me- I’m more of a sit in the shade with a cold vino, keep the temp at 21 degrees please kinda woman! We’ve all been ragey, but the kids have mostly been ok so far. Only 5 weeks to go!

  13. Emma

    I’m with you there Katie! I was just saying last week- the trouble with the beach is there’s too much bloody sand. And we ‘re going through the factor 50 and after sun like its going out of fashion- gotta love the gingers! (I love their rocket lolly faces too!)

  14. Actually Mummy

    Ahhh that cuddle is perfect. I know what you mean. The Bug has only just consented to suncream without screaming his way through a large packet of Maoams, and he’s 7 next week!

  15. Notmyyearoff

    We have to practically clamp our legs around z in a pincer grip to put any kind of sun cream on. Then he freaks out because he wants to do it himself. Then he runs away. Good grief. I love the throwing ice cream at them idea!


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