Imaginext Fire Station Playset – A Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will notice that I don’t do many reviews.  If I was to be inundated with offers of holidays or gin then I would probably do more, in fact all you would be seeing is a stream of holidays and/or gin. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for the boys, it’s often toys that are on the table *looks at house full of plastic and sobs*.

Anyway in order to ensure they don’t get spoilt and to keep the level of crap in our house down to semi acceptable levels I have a policy of only saying yes to things that I would genuinely buy myself. So when Fisher Price offered to send me their Fire Station Playset I jumped at the chance, the kiddos are emergency vehicle crazy and I knew it would keep them out of my face  for a wee while they would love it.


What I liked most about this set was the attention to detail – the sounds and flashing lights, the water jet, the trapdoor, the wind up ladder, fire mans pole, the pulley, the stand up leg things on the fire engine, the fact that it all folds up, the opening doors and windows. There are so many different bits to play with it really did and does provide many minutes of entertainment.


 Come on get out of your comfy plastic bed there’s a fire to put out!


Nee Naws on – ready to go!


 Look at this guy and his massive walkie talkie – he’s loving it!



Very happy little customers!

The Imaginext Fire Station has a minimum age of 3 yrs but I don’t know – my 20 month old bloody loves it too! It retails at £49.99 which seems like a fair price to me! :)

I was sent this playset for free for the purpose of this review but if I hadn’t of liked it I promise I wouldn’t have lied ;) 



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7 thoughts on “Imaginext Fire Station Playset – A Review

  1. Jo

    Pity we’re a bit old for this as i love emergency vehicles with pick-up hooks, but it looks great and will recommend to friends with smallies. :)

  2. Not A Frumpy Mum

    This does look fab, and may stop my little man repeatedly putting out imaginary fires with a “shoo shoo shoo”. Because apparently that’s the sound you gave to make when putting out a fire! xx

  3. SammyTheSnake

    In case you ever read comments in really old posts, that giant walkie talkie would be one reason it’s “unsuitable for crying onions under 36 months of age”

    They do a test with a little cup about an inch in diameter and about an inch deep. If you can touch the bottom of the cup with any of the pieces they treat it as a choking hazard for tiddlers.



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